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Flea Market Finds: Free Printable Architectural Drawings from the 1920s-30s

Flea Market Finds: Free Printable Architectural Drawings from the 1920s-30s

Welcome to my very first blog post! I'm so excited to share the world of The Vintage Advisor with you. To celebrate the launch of my blog, I'm giving away 5 stunning vintage architectural drawings as free printable downloads. These drawings were done between 1923 and 1932 and have a timeless, classic style that I just adore.

Years ago, I stumbled upon these treasures at a flea market in New Jersey, hidden among a pile of old greeting cards and letters. As soon as I saw the hand-drawn details, I knew I had to take them home with me!

These drawings were likely homework assignments from an architect's school days. Some of the drawings even bear the professor's comments and grades. They showcase the details of columns, moldings, and a bank, providing a captivating glimpse into the architectural and design aesthetic of the 1920s and 1930s.

I've been hoarding these drawings for years. Originally, I planned to frame them and sell them in my online shop, but I couldn't part with them just yet. I scanned and restored them so I could share their beauty with you. I'm excited to offer them as downloadable prints!

These make great little gifts for the architecture buff or design nerd in your life. You can also frame them and use them as unique wall art for your home or for a DIY project. Read on for details about each of the 5 free drawings, plus instructions on how to download your printable copies.

Free Printable 1: Exercise VI Shaded Ornament

This drawing showcases the details of an ornamental Corinthian column. The architect dedicated 5 hours to its completion and it's dated Nov 1, 1923.

 corinthian column free architecture drawing

Shaded Ornament

Free Printable 2: Exercise I Sheet II Classic Moldings

A study of 4 classic moldings, with the professor's comment "Excellent work." The architect spent 10 hours completing this drawing, dated Nov 28, 1923.

classic columns architectural drawing free downloadable artwork

Classic Moldings

Free Printable 3: Ionic Order Plate III

An Ionic column and molding drawing, graded with a 'C,' and comments written on the back. Dated Feb 19, 1932.

ionic column architectural study

Ionic Order Plate III

Free Printable 4: Ionic Order

A sketch of the Ionic Order. While it is not graded, it might have been a practice assignment. Dated Feb 19, 1932.

ionic order sketch architectural drawing study artwork

Ionic Order

Free Printable 5: Bank Exercise IV Sheet 1

A sketch of the front of a bank. There's no date, but the handwriting is similar to the others.


architectural drawing study of a bank 1930s


How to Download Your Free Architectural Prints:

1. Click the download button below each printable image to open the full-size JPEG file.

2. Save each file to your computer.

3. Print out the JPEG file(s) on 8.5" x 11" paper (or larger if you want bigger prints).

4. Enjoy decorating with your free vintage architectural prints!


How to Use the Prints:

- Frame in a vintage frame.

- Use as minimalist posters.

- Utilize as wrapping paper for small gifts.

- Incorporate into a decoupage DIY project.

- Set as digital wallpaper for your phone or desktop.

Bonus Tip: Print them in black and white!

Feel free to print these drawings as many times as you want for personal use.

I hope you love these drawings as much as I do. Please let me know if you frame them or use them in your home or office decor! Tag me on social media @thevintageadvisor if you post photos of them.

And stay tuned to my blog - I plan on sharing more of my vintage finds in the future, along with articles about candles, interior design, and more. Enjoy!

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