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Planters + Vases

Vintage vases and planters for your floral needs.

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  1. Vintage Blenko Glass Company Water Bottle Pitcher Classic 384 - Blue Glass
  2. Vintage Miniature Nemadji Pottery Vase Collection - Set of 3
  3. Vintage Orange , yellow and black Swirl Nemadji Pottery Bowl
  4. vibrant red and orange nedmadji pottery vase
  5. Vintage Orange and Red Ribbed Nemadji Pottery Vase
  6. Vintage Tan and Brown Nemadji Pottery Vase
  7. Vintage Beige and Off White Marbled Ceramic Vase
  8. Vintage Grey and Blue Swirl Nemadji Vase
  9. Vintage Orange Swirl Nemadji Wedding Vase Pottery
  10. Vintage Blue Swirl Nemadji Pottery Vase