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Vintage brass home decor objects.

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  1. Vintage Onyx and Brass Jewelry Chest
  2. Vintage Heavy Green Marble and Brass Bookends - A Pair
  3. Antique Skultuna Brass Pestle Mortar 1611
  4. Vintage Brass Do it Later Clip
  5. Vintage Gemini Brass Bottle Opener
  6. Vintage Brass Capricorn Bottle Opener
  7. Vintage Brass Sea Shell Catchall
  8. Vintage Brass Sea Shell Bookends
  9. Vintage Brass Pineapple Letter Opener
  10. Vintage Brass Pineapple Door Knocker Front Door Welcome
  11. Vintage Heavy Brass Apothecary Mortar
  12. Vintage Brass Eagle Letter Opener