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Boxes, Trays and Storage

Vintage Boxes, Trays, and Storage: Discover vintage storage solutions for your home. Our collection includes bookends, trays, organizers, and jewelry boxes. Keeping you organized while adding a touch of vintage charm to your space.

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  1. Vintage Onyx and Brass Jewelry Chest
  2. Vintage Green Marble Block Bookends - A Pair
  3. Vintage Tessellated Stone Brass Inlay Treasure Chest Jewelry Box with peach, blush and tan hues. Sunray brass pattern.
  4. Vintage Italian Ceramic Moon Trinket Box - Taste Setter by Sigma
  5. Vintage Onyx Cup and Ashtray Catchall Dish - A Set
  6. Vintage Heavy Green Marble and Brass Bookends - A Pair
  7. Vintage Carved Wood Sliding Jewelry Box -  Richard Rothbard
  8. Vintage Wood Inlay Jewelry Box
  9. Vintage Wood Carved Jewelry Box
  10. Vintage Draped Lucite Bowl