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Enhance Your Sacred Space: Discover Non-toxic Candles, Home Fragrance, Vintage Home Decor, And Jewelry

Boxes, Trays and Storage

Vintage Boxes, Trays, and Storage: Discover vintage storage solutions for your home. Our collection includes bookends, trays, organizers, and jewelry boxes. Keeping you organized while adding a touch of vintage charm to your space.

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  1. Vintage Kensington Zodiac Round Tray
  2. Vintage Onyx Pen Holder Desk Organizer
  3. Vintage Folk Art Puzzle Jewelry Box
  4. Vintage Gunnar Cyrén for Orrefors Crystal Bowl - San Michele
  5. Vintage Onyx Catchall Ashtray Yellow and Tan
  6. Vintage Faux Horn Tessellated Jewelry Box
  7. Vintage Sea Shell Jewelry Box
  8. Vintage Crescent Moon Wood Puzzle Jewelry Box - Richard Rothbard  - Slidding Treasure Trinket
  9. Mid-Century Ceramic Ashtray and Pencil Cup