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Vintage Decor

Vintage Sacred Space Decor

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  1. Vintage Brutalist Iron Candle Holder  styled on top of books
  2. Vintage Hartstone Celestial Cookie Molds - Set of 4 - Sun and Moons - Saturn and Stars
  3. Vintage Blenko White Glass Biomorphic Ashtray
  4. 19th Century Antique Victorian Black Glaze Jackfield Spaniels Staffordshire Dogs - Made in England - Traditional English Decor
  5. Vintage Onyx and Brass Jewelry Chest
  6. Vintage Blenko Glass Company Water Bottle Pitcher Classic 384 - Blue Glass
  7. Vintage Miniature Nemadji Pottery Vase Collection - Set of 3
  8. Vintage Orange , yellow and black Swirl Nemadji Pottery Bowl
  9. vibrant red and orange nedmadji pottery vase
  10. Vintage Orange and Red Ribbed Nemadji Pottery Vase