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My Story

In 2012 I started making candles as a relaxing hobby and soon became infatuated with creating the perfect candle. Making my own candles and then enjoying them has been a form of self-care and a creative outlet. For years I dreamt of starting my own candle brand. My faith in divine timing and the universe has placed me where I finally made my dream come true. At The Vintage Advisor, you will find my collection of hand-crafted luxury candles, home fragrance products, decor objects, and fine vintage jewelry. I make every candle and select every product to inspire and enhance your sacred space with beauty and magic. This is where my personal mantra, "Light Some Magic " comes from, reminding me that we can create our own magic through scent and intention. Enjoy the website, and get in touch if you have any questions or to say hi I would love to hear from you.  Remember to set your intentions and light some magic. xoxo Sam