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Enhance Your Sacred Space: Discover Non-toxic Candles, Home Fragrance, Vintage Home Decor, And Jewelry

The Zodiac Club

Discover our collection of vintage-inspired zodiac home decor and astrology gifts. Browse unique art, mugs, jewelry, and more featuring artwork of the 12 zodiac signs. Perfect gifts for birthdays or anyone who loves astrology.

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  1. Vintage Kensington Zodiac Round Tray
  2. Vintage Verdigris Green Terracotta Sun Wall Decor
  3. Vintage Zodiac Astrology Dinnerware Set - 32 Pieces
  4. Vintage Capricorn Ceramic Mug - gold foil
  5. Vintage Virgo Ceramic Mug
  6. Vintage Gemini Brass Bottle Opener
  7. Vintage Brass Capricorn Bottle Opener
  8. Vintage Brass Aries Ram Bottle Opener
  9. Vintage Sagittarius Ceramic Wall Tile
  10. Vintage Aquarius Ceramic Wall Tile
  11. Blue and Gold Cancer Zodiac Catchall  - Astrology Gift