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Enhance Your Sacred Space: Discover Non-toxic Candles, Home Fragrance, Vintage Home Decor, And Jewelry

The Flower of The Sea

Discover our stunning collection of ocean-inspired home decor. Dive into our selection of beautiful shells and unique pieces that will add a touch of magic to any space.

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  1. Antique 19th Century Miniature Painting of Queen Louise
  2. Vintage Shell Glass Ashtray Catchall
  3. Vintage Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoons and Spreaders - Set of 8
  4. Vintage Sea Shell Jewelry Box
  5. Vintage Venus de Milo Statue
  6. Vintage Mother of Pearl Frames - A Pair
  7. Large South Pacific Tridacna Gigas Clam Shell Specimen
  8. Vintage Brass Sea Shell Bookends
  9. Abalone Shell Natural Specimen