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Marble + Stone

Our Marble and Stone collection features unique natural objects that add an earthy, organic feel to any space. With their beautiful textures and patterns, these pieces make stunning accent pieces or centerpieces for your home decor.

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  1. Vintage Onyx Pen Holder Desk Organizer
  2. Vintage Onyx Catchall Ashtray Yellow and Tan
  3. Vintage Yellow Onyx Mango Paperweight
  4. Vintage White Onyx Stone Ashtray Catchall
  5. Vintage Egyptian Brass and Stone Sphinx Figure Decor Set - 3 Pieces - Onyx Stone and Brass
  6. Vintage Tessellated Stone Brass Inlay Treasure Chest Jewelry Box with peach, blush and tan hues. Sunray brass pattern.
  7. Vintage Onyx Cup and Ashtray Catchall Dish - A Set
  8. Miniature Grey Agate Mortar and Pestle
  9. Vintage Black Marble Ashtray Catchall
  10. Vintage Pink Alabaster Stone Vase