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Crystal + Glass

Add elegance to your space with our selection of vintage crystal and glassware.

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  1. Vintage Blenko White Glass Biomorphic Ashtray
  2. Vintage Blenko Glass Company Water Bottle Pitcher Classic 384 - Blue Glass
  3. Vintage Orrefors Crystal Tall Waterfall Vase by Edvin Ohrstrom - A Pair
  4. Vintage Glass Striped Heart Frame
  5. Vintage Textured Glass Bud Vase
  6. Vintage Light Blue Holmegaard Biomorphic Glass Catchall
  7. Vintage Light Blue Holmegaard Teardrop Glass Catchall
  8. Vintage textured glass table lighter
  9. Vintage Textured Glass Ashtray Catchall Dish
  10. Vintage Murano Style Bubble Art Glass Ashtray
  11. Vintage Bubble Glass Bowl in Bright Blue