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Ashtrays + Catchall

Find the perfect home for your candles and matches with our collection of vintage catchalls. These unique pieces add a touch of charm to any room and make for an elegant way to display your favorite scented candles.

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  1. Vintage Blenko White Glass Biomorphic Ashtray
  2. Vintage Abstract Studio Pottery Bowl - black and white
  3. Vintage Onyx Cup and Ashtray Catchall Dish - A Set
  4. Vintage Haeger Green Ceramic Catchall
  5. Vintage Haeger Blue Ceramic Catchall
  6. Large South Pacific Tridacna Gigas Clam Shell Specimen
  7. Vintage Brass Sea Shell Catchall
  8. Vintage Brass Apple Incense Holder
  9. Vintage Black Marble Ashtray Catchall
  10. Abalone Shell Natural Specimen
  11. Blue and Gold Cancer Zodiac Catchall  - Astrology Gift
  12. Vintage Red Onyx Ashtray Catchall heavy