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Home Fragrance

Home fragrance made for your sacred space.

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  1. Oasis candle - The Vintage Advisor
  2. Arcana Reed Diffuser - Luxury Home Fragrance
  3. Vintage Bamboo Glass Candle - Non-Toxic Candle
  4. Experience the Magic: Candle Discovery Set with Four Unique Fragrances
  5. The Vintage Advisor E- Gift Card
  6. Oasis - Non-toxic home fragrance trio
  7. Altar Reed Diffuser - The Vintage Advisor
  8. Arcana - Non-toxic room spray
  9. Altar - Non-toxic room spray
  10. Oasis - Non-toxic room spray
  11. Oasis Reed Diffuser - Luxury Home Fragrance
  12. Altar  non-toxic luxurious candle by the vintage advisor
  13. Arcana Tarot Candle - The Vintage Advisor
  14. Vintage Gold Stripe Cocktail Glass Hand-Poured Luxury Candle
  15. Vintage Classic Cocktail Glass Candle
  16. Vintage Culver Black and Gold Glass Hand-Poured Luxury Candle