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Sam Sells Sea Shells

Sam Sells Sea Shells by The Sea Shore - our stunning collection of ocean inspired home decor. Dive into our selection of beautiful shells and unique pieces that will add a touch of magic to any space. From natural specimens to intricately designed decor, theres something for every design style. Shop now and add a touch of the ocean to your home decor.

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  1. Vintage Venus de Milo Statue
  2. Vintage Mother of Pearl Frames - A Pair
  3. Large South Pacific Tridacna Gigas Clam Shell Specimen
  4. Vintage Brass Sea Shell Catchall
  5. Vintage Brass Sea Shell Bookends
  6. large vintage brass nautilus and conch sea shell decor objects
  7. Abalone Shell Natural Specimen
  8. Mid-Century 22K Gold Painted Shell Catchall
  9. Vintage Ceramic Shell Iridescent Altar Bell
  10. Vintage Blush and White Italian Ceramic Shell Vessel
  11. square grotto coastal seashell mirror
  12. Vintage White Faux Conch Sea Shell Object