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Enhance Your Sacred Space: Discover Non-toxic Candles, Home Fragrance, Vintage Home Decor, And Jewelry

Vintage Candles

Elevate your sacred space with a handmade candle in a vintage glass vessel. Enjoy our hand-poured candles that use natural wax, fine fragrances, and essential oils to ensure the perfect burn. When the candle is finished, reuse your vintage glass as decor or for a beverage. Elegantly boxed and ready to be thoughtfully gifted.

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  1. Vintage Gold Frosted Bamboo Glass Candle
  2. Vintage Black and Gold Cocktail Old Fashioned Glass Candle on a green marble base
  3. Vintage Georges Briard  Thin Silver Stripe Glass Candle
  4. Vintage Gold Swirl Glass Candle on a green marble block
  5. Vintage Georges Briard Frosted Summer Flower Glass Candle
  6. Vintage Black and Gold Culver Glass Candle on vintage green marble block
  7. Vintage Bamboo Glass Candle on green marble block