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Vintage decor objects for your sacred space.

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  1. Vintage Rick Martin - Saturn Candlestick Holders
  2. Vintage Evans Black Knight Bar Set - 3 Pieces
  3. Vintage Park Sherman Rotating Cork and Chrome Pen Organizer - Desk Decor
  4. Vintage Rosenthal Striped Table Lighter and Cannister
  5. Vintage Virgo Zodiac Puzzle
  6. Vintage Lucite Hourglass Timer
  7. Vintage White Onyx and Malachite Catchall
  8. Vintage Murano Style Bubble Art Glass Ashtray
  9. vintage brass aspirin paperweight desk decor
  10. vintage bamboo stainless steel french service knives with acrylic lucite stand
  11. pineapple fork set
  12. White Telescoping Lightolier Style Desk Lamp
  13. Vintage Cosi Tabellini Stellar Compass Astrology Wheel
  14. square grotto coastal seashell mirror